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Petro Guardian’s experienced engineering team works collaboratively with your operations and engineering group to co-develop a standardized approach to protecting your assets from the dangers of ignitions caused by lightning strikes and static discharge. Our plans incorporate recommendations from standards for lightning protection and static mitigation, including NFPA, IEEE, API, and IEC. Contact us for a coordinated protection plan.



Petro Guardian Static Protection recommendations control possible static electricity accumulation to prevent fires and explosions. Fiberglass tanks, lined steel tanks, thief hatches, and truck load-outs are key areas for static discharge.

Static Protection System designed by Petro Guardian utilizes static neutralization products, extensive bonding techniques that create a conductive path between isolated metal bodies, and a facility-wide grounding system which quickly relaxes accumulated static charge.


Lightning surges are brief but powerful over-voltages and over-currents often accompanied with electromagnetic & radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) lasting up to a few hundred microseconds. These are transmitted along the power lines or via ground connections as a result of nearby lightning strikes. They are also induced directly into the power and control cables by the electromagnetic field that lightning creates.

A coordinated SPD plan comprised of a layered defense of lightning arresters is the best lightning surge protection approach in eliminating the destructive effects of lightning induced transients in Variable Frequency Drives, Power Supplies, Control Cards and Level Transmitters.


Petro Guardian recommends that production & salt water disposal facilities be furnished with a lightning protection system comprised of either appropriately placed lightning dissipation points called streamer delay terminals or a catenary system. Streamer delay terminals are connected with an appropriately sized lightning conductor network. The conductor also bonds all the isolated metallic structures together. The lightning conductor further terminates into a low resistance low impedance grounding system. The catenary system intercepts a direct lightning strike before it reaches the combustion zone and redirects that energy to the ground.


Petro Guardian’s installation team is trained to install the recommended system correctly every time.

The team does this quickly and safely all day long. Each person on the team is certified for safe practices on oil & gas facilities. The team is equipped with appropriate tools that are safe to operate in areas where the work is executed.


Petro Guardian provides pre-installation inspection, commissioning inspection and annual preventative maintenance inspection services.

A group of inspectors that are independent of our installation team are trained to walk through tank battery site and evaluate if the key points of ignition are appropriately protected. The inspection data is photo documented for each of these key points and made available for review on a cloud based system. The report facilitates prompt corrective action where necessary, easy generation of work orders and maintenance of compliance records year after year in case of any accidents and insurance claims.

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