Engineered protection for Oilfield Assets

Petro Guardian can co-engineer an overall protection plan for your oilfield assets.


Our engineering team has protected 40,000 tanks and works with your operations and engineering group to co-develop a standardized approach, protecting your assets from dangers caused by lightning strikes and static discharge.


Our electrical division offers a variety of electrical services for the Oil & Gas, Utility, and construction industries. Petro Guardian Electrical is insured and licensed in Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. 


Our inspection team has a proactive approach to ensure nothing has been removed, damaged, stolen, or corroded,
and equipment is functioning
properly since the time of

Petro Guardian’s lightning protection team is the most experienced in the oil and gas industry

Our engineered protection plan has successfully protected over 40,000 tanks from the dangers of lightning, static, and electrical surge. Partnering with our team, you can rest assured you will have the highest level of protection for your personnel, equipment, and operations.

Average cost of protection is often less than 1% of deferred productioN

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How Protected
Are You?

What’s Your Lightning Risk? Do you know how likely it is that your facility will be damaged by lightning? Learn which lightning and static risks apply to your sites.

The Facility
Protection Plan

Our comprehensive plan addresses direct lightning strikes, 
indirect lightning strikes, static, automation vulnerabilities, 
and maintenance.