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Lightning and Surge Protection for SCADA

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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a system that uses coded signals over communication channels to transmit and receive data to control process equipment. Induced voltage from lightning electromagnetic fields often damage PLC control cards and the PLC power supply. Communication antennas are generally mounted on a tower. Lightning poses a risk of direct attachment to the tower which could induce surge voltages into the communication cable. Lightning damage to solar battery charge circuits is also common.

Damage to the data acquisition and control system can be prevented by installing a properly designed lightning protection system for the SCADA Tower and the connected control panel.

Petro Guardian offers a SCADA lightning protection system that consists of the following subsystems:

  • Streamer Delaying Air Terminal is installed on the SCADA Tower and connected directly to the tower legs. The tower legs act as the lightning conductor. The tower legs are further attached to a dedicated ground rod.
  • Lightning surge arresters are installed at the input and output of each power supply in Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). Some RTUs are equipped with battery backup or a direct solar power source.
  • The data acquisition from the field could be wired or wireless. Regardless, both the instruments transmitting the data and the antenna receiving the data require protection at both ends. Appropriate lightning surge protection devices are provided.

SCADA Tower and connected control panel are generally part of a comprehensive production and saltwater disposal system. Lightning protection must be installed to all structural and electrical distribution assets at the facility.

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Ready to protect your assets? Give us a call to discuss a facility protection plan.