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Petro Guardian, LLC, offers an installed engineered protection system for central tank batteries and saltwater disposal assets (SWD) from losses such as life and property, product loss, operation downtime, and derogatory public image that may result due to lightning related damages.


Over the years, some of our customers such as the U.S. military, Pioneer Resources, Chesapeake Energy, Concho Resources, Exxon-Mobil, Motiva, Noble Drilling, NASA, etc. have awarded Petro Guardian with exclusive Master Service Agreements and designated us as their recommended lightning protection providers. We have designed and installed over 30,000 commercial and industrial facilities for protection of people, property, and processes from risks of direct and indirect lightning strikes.


Petro Guardian, LLC, designs lightning protection and grounding systems following recommendations from the relevant standards including: NFPA 780; NFPA 77; UL 96A; API 545; API 650; API 2003; FAASTD-019e; IEEE std 142; IEEE std 1100; NASA KSC-STD-E-0012E; Air Force 1065; NAVSEA OP 5; IEC std 62305; NFC 17-102. All our installers are Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certified lightning protection professionals.


Petro Guardian, LLC, is a recognized global manufacturer headquartered in the USA. We have been dedicated to the field of lightning protection since 1996. We offer an array of products and engineered solutions to meet specific needs and requirements of lightning and static protection. We are committed to continuous improvement and service through persistent research and development.

Testing in laboratory environments allows us to maintain quality product lines and manufacturing processes. Using the latest manufacturing technology available assures delivery of premium products to our customers. We affiliate our growth with research scientists, practicing engineering consultants, and vested employees. Our operations are managed and continuously improved through standardized procedures of a custom designed Total Quality Management policy.


Protection of people and the environment is our core value. It is our vision to create a culture within Petro Guardian that empowers employees to drive this value into all operations and achieve excellence in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) performance. Our engineering services and installation services team members are OSHA certified.

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Phone: 985.882.2982

Fax: 985.882.5032

President: Robert F. Morris, III


Chief Administrative Officer: Jenny Mevers


Sales Office: sales@petrogurdian.com

Production Office: 985-892-3792

Vice President: Stephen Morris


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