Static Lasso®

Engineered Approach to Lightning and Static Protection

Protecting Tank Batteries from Static-Induced Fires

The Static Lasso® is a system that deploys a grounded non-corrosive material with a multitude of small points that remain in direct contact with the fluid and vapors inside a tank. In contrast to chains, rods, and plates, which are not effective since they present a flat surface, the Static Lasso® features a frayed carbon fiber assembly which contains a multitude of microscopic points. It is non-corrosive and highly conductive, making it a very effective means of draining static from fiberglass tanks. The Static Lasso® operates as an inductive neutralizer that accelerates the process of charge relaxation.

Ionization occurs within the insulated tank body as the fluids with different conductivity move. An ignition can occur when the charge is above a minimum value and the fluids that move are flammable. When the grounded Static Lasso® is placed within the insulated charged body, ionization at the carbon fiber tip’s points generate enough ions to accelerate the process of charge neutralization. This inductive neutralization process keeps the charge level below the level that may lead to an electrical discharge or spark.