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Midstream and downstream oil and gas facilities are often required to be equipped with a lightning protection system to stay in compliance to the requirements of NFPA 780 and IEC std 62305. Besides the fact that the insurance companies require the site to be equipped with appropriate lightning risk mitigation measures, as an operator you will want adequate protection measures to save your people, process and property from the damages that lightning can cause.

Engineers at Petro Guardian review the construction drawings, online riser diagrams and all circuits with sensitive electronics to develop a lightning protection system in compliance to NFPA 780, IEC 62305, and IEC std 61643. This design will equip your facility with the required protection from direct lightning strikes and indirect lightning induced currents to electronic circuits.

PetroGuardian LLC can provide below listed additional services:

  • Develop a project scope and system specifications
  • Development of lightning protection system drawing for submittals and construction
  • Update online riser diagrams and equipment panel schedules with lightning surge protector details
  • Development of request for proposals specification
Lightning Protection System Engineering & Consulting

Our Solution

Lightning can still cause damage to facilities equipped with a lightning protection system. Engineers at Petro Guardian execute a site survey to conduct a root cause analysis of system failure. We often reveal grounding anomalies and inadequate protection on sensitive electronics. Our engineers will perform a detailed study to present recommendations with a bill of materials.

Additional services available for facilities experiencing losses during lightning events:

Perform grounding system resistance tests, grounding continuity point-to-point resistance tests, and tests to measure the resistivity of the soil in case a new grounding system is to be designed.
Review the power distribution system and identify sensitive electronic equipment which might be at risk of failure due to lightning. Select appropriate surge protection devices and position them strategically for optimal lightning protection for sensitive electronics.
Lightning Protection System Engineering & Consulting
Lightning Protection System Engineering & Consulting

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