Fiberglass Tank Lightning Protection

Engineered Approach to Lightning and Static Protection

Prevent Fiberglass Tank Fires Caused By Lightning Discharge

Fiberglass tank fire caused by lightning is one of the biggest risks that operators of production and salt water disposal sites would like to mitigate.

Fiberglass tanks at production and disposal sites are generally installed as part of a tank battery in combination with steel tanks. A protection system is designed to protect the whole tank battery from a direct lightning strike. The protection system bonds isolated metal bodies on fiberglass tanks in the tank battery to the lightning protection system. Further, a streamer delaying lightning rod (dissipator) based lightning protection system is installed directly over the tank vent piping.

It is a common myth that fiberglass tanks are more susceptible to lightning and static risks as compared to steel tanks. Considering that both tanks are generally installed onto lined containments, both tanks do not have a natural connection to ground. A structural lightning protection will be required on both assets to safely transfer lightning energies to ground.

Fiberglass Tank

fiberglass tank lightning and static protection installed by Petro Guardian to prevent fires.
Protected by Petro Guardian.

Fiberglass tank lightning protection is part of a comprehensive lightning & static protection system offered by Petro Guardian. Please contact to discuss your particular needs to protect fiberglass tank fires.