Highlights from the 2021 Lightning Report

Lightning Report

Each year, Vaisala, the global leader in weather and industrial measurements, releases a report that provides a comprehensive overview of lightning strikes detected across the United States and around the rest of the world. Below are three highlights that oil and gas companies and employees should consider when moving into the 2022 lightning season.

Lightning strikes make a comeback

In 2020, the amount of lightning strikes recorded decreased by 52%. This was the most significant decrease in 31 years. But last year, over 194 million lightning strikes occurred in the United States. That’s 24 million more strikes than in 2020. Read about what could have caused this decrease in lightning.

Texas is the number one state with the most total lightning in 2021

Texas typically has a higher lightning count than any other state. In 2021, 41,914,516 lightning strikes were recorded in the state of Texas. This is partly due to the size of the state and its location. Florida comes in second with a total of nearly 14 million lightning strikes, followed by Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Lightning is highly seasonal

Lightning is more common in the summer. Nearly two-thirds of the lightning strikes in the US occur during June, July, and August. The most lightning was detected on May 2, 2021, during a multiple-day severe weather event across the country.

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