chem tank fire
Why Chem Tank Protection is Critical
May 13, 2022

Forty percent of sites are compromised within the first year of installation. This can be due to weather corrosion, repairs, replacements, or maintenance, and a site that’s compromised cannot fully mitigate risks associated with lightning or static discharge. Once your lightning protection is installed, it is critical to have the site inspected periodically – we recommend an inspection every six months after the first year of installation. 

Our Inspection Program executes regular inspections with an industry-leading inspection software called Omnispection. It is a cloud-based inspection database with built-in artificial intelligence that tags non-compliance and triggers corrective action requests as soon as non-compliance is found. The inspection provides the assurance that the system has been installed and is maintained in accordance with the Petro Guardian standardized lightning and static protection plan.

Each component of the lightning protection system is checked and photo-documented for findings, repairs, and recommendations. Assets are then GPS logged via the Omnispection software. A detailed report is created complete with assets, warnings, repairs made, recommendations and photos for reference for your review at any time. We offer same-day of inspection repairs and a certificate of compliance in accordance with the Petro Guardian standardized lightning and static protection plan. 

Petro Guardian offers inspection services for any installed lighting and static protection system on oil production and salt water disposal facilities. For more information contact, call Petro Guardian at 985-882-2985, or schedule an inspection online.