Storm Season 2021

Storm Season 2021

Storm season is coming, and that means so are the tank battery fires! 

Last year, hundreds of tanks were destroyed by lightning – so many that 45 losses even gained media coverage. And this doesn’t include sites damaged by static or electrical surges.  According to the 2020 Lightning Report, Texas was the number one state with the most total lightning in 2020. And with storm season predicted to start early this year, it’s important to protect your sites as soon as possible. 

Our team offers comprehensive protection plans and turnkey installation to protect your assets from indirect and direct lightning strikes, electrical surges, and static.  Our plans incorporate recommendations from standards for lightning protection and static mitigation, including NFPA, IEEE, API, and IEC. 

We also offer a customized inspection program that verifies that the system has been installed and is maintained in accordance with our standardized lightning and static protection plan. Inspections address compliance for mitigating damaging effects from lightning strikes and static discharges. 

If you have any tanks that haven’t been protected, they are at risk now more than ever.

Call us to discuss your current storage and production setup and we can quote you on the exact type of protection you need.

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