Static Lasso®

Static Protection for Oil and Gas

Protecting Tank Batteries from Static-Induced Fires

Petro Guardian has developed an innovative method to protect fiberglass and lined steel tanks from lightning and static risks. The Static Lasso® is a system that deploys grounded non-corrosive material with a multitude of small points that remain in direct contact with the fluid and vapors inside a tank. In contrast to chains, rods and plates, which are not effective since they present a flat surface, the Static Lasso® features a frayed carbon fiber assembly which contains a multitude of microscopic points.

The Static Lasso® is non-corrosive, and highly conductive, making it a very effective means of draining static from fiberglass tanks.

Static protection is only one part of the solution to avoid lightning and static induced tank fires. Contact Petro Guardian for more information about the other components to protecting production and SWD tank batteries.

static neutralization static drain in-tank fiberglass tank

Static Protection for Oil & Gas Assets

  • Static grounding and bonding equipment rating verification
  • API RP2003 and NFPA 77 compliance study
  • Design and supply of fiberglass tank-in-tank static control systems
  • Design and supply of truck load-out static control systems
  • Design and supply of thief hatch static control systems
  • Design and supply of flowback static control systems
  • Design and supply of fracking static control systems