Petro Guardian Launches Electrical Services
April 7, 2020
Fire burns to the ocean at the Union Oil tank farm in Avila Beach in January 1908
The 112 Year Old Problem Still Affecting The Oil & Gas Industry
July 16, 2020

The Oil & Gas Industry is facing a tough challenge due to the drop in oil price. Where do operators store the oil they have on hand? Over the past few weeks, we have seen a run on traditional storage options and companies are now having to turn to more unique storage solutions. Many of these options can store your oil, but is your investment safe in these tanks?

A big problem the Petro Guardian team is seeing is that many of the tanks being used for storage are not already protected from lightning and static. An unprotected site leaves the tank and its contents susceptible to a fire. The Petro Guardian team can help keep your investment protected, especially as we move into the most active part of the year for lightning. Our team of experts can work with you to install a protection system that will fit your unique situation.

Possible Types Of Tanks Needing Protection:

  • Frac Tank
  • Bolted Storage Tank
  • Fuel Tank Storage
  • AST Tank
  • Flow Back Tank
  • Don’t see your type of tank here? We can help!

Services Offered By The Petro Guardian Team: