Poly Chemical Tank Grounding

Engineered Approach to Lightning and Static Protection

Poly Chemical Tank Lightning and Static Protection

Poly chemical tanks are insulators that often store a flammable product. Static charge can build within these tanks during the process of filling and dispensing. This accumulated static charge can discharge when a technician is servicing the poly tank if adequate bonding and grounding measures are not taken. Fires and explosions inside and above the tanks can cause loss of tank and product and possibly loss of human life.

Poly Chemical Tanks and its support structure require appropriate static neutralization devices and adequate bonding and grounding to avoid risk of static discharge. We install our Static Lasso inside the poly tank. It is vertically oriented from top to bottom with a bonding plate at the top of the tank. Conductor bonds the Static Lasso to the metallic stand and both are grounded at the base of the poly tank.


Poly Tank Protection

Poly Chemical Tank Methanol Tank Lightning Static Protection
Protected by Petro Guardian

Poly Chemical tank fires can be avoided with Petro Guardian’s engineered approach to grounding and bonding. Contact the team@petroguardian.com to find out how you can improve the integrity of static protection at your facility.