Petro Guardian Inspection Expands Inspection Program

Petro Guardian Inspection Program

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Petro Guardian currently offers lightning protection system installations and routine preventative maintenance programs. In addition to these customized inspection programs, Petro Guardian Inspection now offers onsite wireless H2S monitor calibrations and Fireye Inspections.

Onsite Wireless H2S Monitor Calibrations and Maintenance Service

The H2S monitor is a gas monitor that alerts workers when the level of Hydrogen Sulfide reaches the high or low alarm set point. A malfunctioning H2S monitor and the failure to alert, can lead to exposure to Hydrogen Sulfide and can be fatal. So, it is important to stay up to date on inspections. 

The H2S Monitor Inspections provide inspection, testing and maintenance service to our clients with superior compliance services by certified technicians. Our technicians offer same day repairs to ensure your systems are not down any longer than they need to be. 

The standard inspection and calibration for onsite wireless H2S monitoring devices may consist of the following:

  • Ensure all solar panels are accounted for and current condition documented. Failures will be noted, and repairs photo documented. *Note: this inspection requires solar panels exposed to full sun.
  • 12 V batteries and controllers are tested to manufacturer voltage specs. They will be replaced if necessary.
  • All visual and audible alarms are tested for functionality and repairs photo documented.
  • All H2S sensors/detectors are accounted for and documented. Failures will be noted and repairs photo documented. 
  • GPS mapping for all sensors, monitors, and solar panels are included in the report.
  • Calibration stickers will be applied to sensors and updated for each inspection/repair.
  • A digital report for each site photo documents all critical system components and all inspected/repaired components and their respective data readings (Volts; Amps, PPM, mOhms).

*Note: calibration is a monthly check to ensure unit is functioning properly. Annual calibrations with manufacturer certified calibration certificates must be done from OEM factory.

Fireye Calibrations and Maintenance Service

Optical Flame Detectors, also known as “Fireyes,” detect a wide range of Hydrocarbon and Non-Hydrocarbon fires. Industrial fire and gas systems play a critical role in protecting people, processes and the environment. They continuously monitor fire and toxic or combustible gas levels within upstream oil gas production sites and process plants. They provide early warning of an abnormal situation before it becomes a significant threat. Failure to maintain fireye systems can result in a fire burning unnoticed and the potential loss of a facility.

The program consists of the following:

  • Carrying out health checks on the flame detections system. Troubleshoot detection problems in flame detectors or correct volting to eliminate issues such as insufficient coverage and spurious trips.
  • Perform preventative maintenance routines, first line fault finding and repairs.
  • Maintain the scheduling database for each site location.
  • Maintain/calibrate all flame detection equipment.
  • Ensure every repair and calibration undertaken is entered into the inspection software database.
  • Liaise with operational authorities and management regarding any fire and gas issues.

More Ways to help protect your sites and employees from fire and other hazards

Calibrations and service maintenance for onsite H2S wireless monitor systems with documented certification reports.

Think you are in compliance with regulatory standards and prepared for most H2S incidents on your site? Routine audits and inspections are a good way to verify if that’s the case. Inspect and calibrate your sites’ H2S monitors that are at high risk or required by city ordinances. Maintain this equipment and immediately replace any equipment that has damage or defects. PGI performs a standard calibration which consists of “Zero” calibration and a “SPAN” calibration certifications.

Routine onsite flame detector testing, calibrations, repair and maintenance with documented certification reports.

Regulations,  government initiatives, and increasing human and property loss due to fire breakouts are increasing every year.   Ensure your IR flame detector systems run safely and at optimum performance for longer.  Our expertise in asset management provides peace of mind for our customers as installed flame detectors and systems can be managed effectively within budgetary constraints. System downtime can be minimized using proactive maintenance practices. The performance, reliability and lifespan of any equipment or system is directly proportional to the level of maintenance and service it receives. 

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