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2020 Strikes Again – Three Takeaways from The 2020 Lightning Strikes Report

Lightning Strikes Report

Vaisala, a global leader in weather and industrial measurements, recently released their much anticipated 2020 Annual Lightning Report. The report highlights analytical data collected from Vaisala’s worldwide system and helps give us a clearer picture of the amount and intensity of lightning strikes that occurred in the US in 2020. Below are three takeaways that oil and gas companies and employees should review and consider when moving into the 2021 lightning season.

1. Texas takes the lead in lightning strikes

With over 33 million strikes, Texas continues to take the lead as the #1 state with the most total lightning in 2020. Florida comes in second with nearly 12 million strikes and Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri round out the top five states.

2. A decrease in lightning strikes does not mean a decrease in asset losses 

For much of spring and early summer 2020, there was an abnormally strong area of high pressure over the Central, Southern Plains and Gulf regions. This resulted in fewer thunderstorms and bolts of lightning. While this might sound like good news, the amount of damage from lightning did not decrease. In 2020, we saw over 40 tank battery fires. These accidents are extremely dangerous and can cost millions. 

3. Wildfires triggered

Despite fewer lightning counts across many regions, there were a number of significant wildfires triggered by lightning. Many of these areas have experienced longstanding drought, making the vegetation much more susceptible to catching fire if struck by lightning.

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