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Petro Guardian Receives US Patent for the Static Lasso®, An In-Tank Static Mitigation System for Oil and Gas Storage Tanks.

Lacombe, Louisiana March 22, 2017

Petro Guardian, Inc. announced today that US Patent (No. 9,540,170 B2) has been awarded for the Static Lasso®, an in-tank static suppression and collection device used in production and disposal storage tanks to prevent static-induced fires.

Petro Guardian has been providing lightning and static protection for the oil and gas industry for ten years, mitigating the risk of fire at tank batteries.

“The Static Lasso®, explains Robert Morris, chief executive office at Petro Guardian, “is the culmination of months of research and field testing to find a better solution to the problem of static build up in fiberglass tanks.” Morris continues, “Our carbon fiber solution uses millions of collection points to attract and neutralize static charges; more importantly, our system will not corrode like steel brushes do in the presence of chlorides and other byproducts of oil production.”

The Static Lasso® is one of several key components in Petro Guardian’s lightning and static protection plan which includes, direct lightning strike protection, grounding and bonding, indirect strike protection and truck load out protection for tank batteries. Petro Guardian has protected over 20,000 tanks and is responsible for developing the best practices standards for several key oil and gas operators.

Petro Guardian engineers systems to protect oil and gas assets from damage caused by lightning strikes and static discharge. In addition, Petro Guardian works with operators to develop a standardized plan for preventing ignition from lightning strikes and static discharge. Each plan incorporates and complies with standards for lightning protection and static mitigation, including NFPA, IEEE, API, and IEC.