Bonding & Grounding for Petroleum Storage Tanks

Oil Storage and CPF

New exploration fields are being developed every day, and most have oil or gas storage and a CPF. A standard CPF is comprised of a tank battery, heaters, separators, motor controlled pumps, motor controlled valves, controlled flare, tanker load-out terminals, cathodic protection, onsite power generation, and SCADA and communications. During lightning events, your tanks are at risk for ignition, and you are also at risk of truck load-out fires from static discharge during transfer. Petro Guardian’s structured approach to lightning protection, grounding, and bonding on the tank battery can prevent tank fires. Level transmitters and flow transmitters control your operations, so accurate communication of their output is extremely important. Your PLC power supply, CPU, and control cards can be damaged during lightning events, resulting in control and communication downtime and reduced productivity. Petro Guardian’s surge protection and grounding for RTUs mitigates instrumentation downtime and prevents loss.

Risk of Fire with Fiberglass Tanks

The transfer of volatile fluids is associated with high static generation, and hydrocarbon vapors over the transfer location creates a flammable atmosphere. Fiberglass tanks, when left unprotected, are at risk for ignition, and in-tank fires are not uncommon. Inadequate grounding and bonding of thief hatches, bull plugs, and isolated metal bodies creates a risk of fire during lightning events.


Protection Matrix

Grounding Bonding Lightning Static Volt
Fiberglass Tanks
Vent Valve
Thief Hatch
Truck Load-Out
Pumps & Motors

Damage and Downtime

Damage and downtime to CPFs can be avoided with Petro Guardian’s engineered approach to grounding and bonding. Contact the to find out how you can improve the integrity of your facility’s grounding and bonding.

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Petro Guardian has the most experienced team in the industry providing protection against lightning, static, and electrical surge. Our planned approach insures the highest level of protection for your personnel, equipment, and process.