Pumps and Motors

Engineered Approach to Lightning Protection for Pumps and Motors

Lightning Protection for Well Pumps

Pumps located at remote sites require a higher level of protection. They are subjected to large surge events induced by lightning. The pump and motors form the lifeline of oil and gas flow. Any damage to pumps, motors and controls will lead to serious production downtime as well as high maintenance cost and risk of spills. Protecting remote sites from the damaging effect of large surge events requires protection that diverts lightning-induced currents. Proper surge protection reduces the lightning induced voltage to a safe level for the equipment and provides long-term protection without failure.

Production pumps and motor failure can be avoided by an engineered approach to lightning protection and surge protection. The team@petroguardian.com will be at your service anytime you are ready to enhance the integrity of grounding and bonding at your facility.