Lightning Protection for Storage Tanks

Multi-Well Production Pad

Lightning protection on production well pads is typically designed according to potential risk. The well head and its monitoring equipment must remain online so that well health can be monitored 24/7. Separating the water, gas, and oil is a complex process carefully metered so the operator can sell each item appropriately. Instrumentation and communication failure during the separation process can result in deferred production and economic loss. The crude oil is stored in steel tanks while the produced water is kept in fiberglass tanks, as it can be very corrosive.

Reducing Storage Tank Fires

Storage tanks relieve pressure by releasing flammable vapors through vent valves on the top of the tanks. Lightning-induced streamers on vent valves can ignite hydrocarbon vapors, leading to tank fires. Steel tanks on liners and gravel beds are not naturally grounded, and like fiberglass tanks, have to be properly shielded and grounded to prevent direct lightning strikes from igniting them. The flow of produced water in and out of fiberglass tanks generates static within the tank, which, if left uncontrolled, increases the danger of in-tank fires. Static generation also occurs when produced water and crude is loaded into tanker trucks and transported to midstream storage facilities.

Poor grounding and bonding of tanker trucks with tanker load points can cause tank truck fires, and lightning can induce failure in RTU and PLC equipment.

Petro Guardian’s engineered static protection system can prevent these tank fires and resulting damage, by monitoring the level of produced water and crude oil using transmitters connected to telemetry equipment.


Protection Matrix

Grounding Bonding Lightning Static Volt
Fiberglass Tanks
Vent Valve
Thief Hatch
Truck Load-Out
Pumps & Motors

Damage and Downtime

Damage and downtime to production and injection operations can be avoided using Petro Guardian’s engineered approach to grounding and bonding. Contact the to find out how you can improve the integrity of your grounding and bonding.

Partner with the Petro Guardian Team

Petro Guardian’s lightning protection team is the most experienced in the oil and gas industry. With our plan, you can rest assured that you have the highest level of protection for your personnel, equipment, and processing.