Pump Stations

Lightning Protection for Pump Stations

An Engineered Approach to Grounding Pump Stations

Located at various points along a given pipeline, pump stations play a vital role in continuing the flow of crude oil throughout that pipeline. If a pump station is knocked out of commission by a lightning strike, it can jeopardize all the oil in the pipeline at that time, resulting in major logistical issues that can be expensive to fix.

Poor grounding and bonding goes unnoticed at most stations, which leaves them vulnerable to lightning activity. If lightning so much as strikes in the vicinity of a large electronic system like the ones housed in these stations, those systems can, and likely will, shut down.

This causes questionable protection against corrosion, a lack of control of the operations occurring at the station, and a lack of communication with other remote points along the pipeline. These issues will throw off the entire process, resulting in a loss of oil and late delivery to customers. As you can imagine, these issues can fracture a relationship with a client, especially if they reoccur every time there’s a thunderstorm in the area.

Petro Guardian can alleviate these problems by reinforcing the grounding and bonding of equipment in place at a pump station. By bonding all the equipment to the same ground potential, no one piece of equipment is more vulnerable than the rest if there’s lightning in the area. This, in turn, creates a situation in which all equipment is less vulnerable to lighting, provided the equipment is also properly grounded.

If lightning directly strikes a pump station, it can cause serious damage to the electronics and infrastructure inside the station. Even if lightning strikes a pipeline rather than a particular pump station, that current can (and often will) travel through the pipeline to the next station on the route, often damaging the equipment inside the station.

This is why grounding the equipment is just as vital as bonding it. Poor grounding can allow a lightning current to leapfrog isolation flanges, causing the current to still reach a nearby pump station. Proper grounding can prevent these circumstances from occurring.

Petro Guardian protects your stations and pipeline from direct strikes, and ensures all bonding and grounding is at its highest possible standard to protect your equipment in the event that lightning does strike in the area.

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Damage and downtime to pump stations can be avoided with Petro Guardian’s engineered approach to grounding and bonding. Contact the team@petroguardian.com to find out how you can improve the integrity of grounding and bonding at your facility.