Lightning and Static Protection for Fracking

Frack tank fires can be avoided with an engineered approach to static and lightning protection

Fracking process equipment includes lined storage tanks, skid-mounted power generators, skid-mounted pumps, sensors, and control and communication equipment. The flow of fracking fluids generates static within the lined storage tanks. The tanks are also a target for direct lightning strikes. A planned approach to grounding, bonding, and static control for these tanks is a necessity to avoid in-tank fires. A carefully design lightning protection system, integrated with grounding, bonding, and static control techniques, provides comprehensive protection from ignition. When generators, pumps, sensors, and control equipment exist alongside independent ground systems, equipment-damaging ground loops can occur during lightning events.

Damage and downtime during fracking operations can be avoided with Petro Guardian’s engineered approach to grounding and bonding. Contact the to find out how you can improve the integrity of your grounding and bonding.