Lightning Protection for Drilling Rig

Drilling Operations

Drilling operation equipment is only deployed for a short period of time on a site, so productivity downtime can be very expensive. And while oil and gas companies take great pains to comply with safety regulations for their personnel, they often neglect the basics of grounding and bonding for their equipment and processing. Direct lightning strikes to the oil rig are common, and nearby lightning strikes can cause failure and damage to mud pumps, power generators, control systems, and SCADA equipment. When diesel or gas storage tanks ignite, the resulting fires lead to loss of both personnel and equipment. Petro Guardian’s protection plan can prevent these significant losses to your drilling operations.

Well Completions

Well completions present a special risk of ignition, because the flow of volatile fracking fluids into storage tanks allows a static charge to accumulate and increases the risk of the flammable vapors igniting. Inadequate grounding and bonding of completions equipment (including temporary tanks, skid-mounted power generators, skid-mounted pumps, and temporary control and communication shelters) often results in equipment failure and process downtime during short circuit events, nearby lightning activity, and direct lightning strikes.


Protection Matrix

Grounding Bonding Lightning Static Volt

Damage and Downtime

You can avoid damage and downtime to your drilling operations with Petro Guardian’s engineered approach to lightning and static protection. Contact the to find out how you can improve the integrity of your grounding and bonding.

Partner with the Petro Guardian Team

Petro Guardian’s lightning protection team is the most experienced in the oil and gas industry. With our plan, you can rest assured that you have the highest level of protection for your personnel, equipment, and processing.