Preventative Maintenance

Lightning Protection Preventative Maintenance for Oil and Gas

Preventative Maintenance and Inspections for Lightning and Static Protection Systems in the Oil and Gas Industry

Petro Guardian uses Omnispection®, an on-site inspection program that maintains the integrity of installed lightning protection systems. Inspection results are recorded directly into the cloud-based platform, where any changes to the protection system can be tracked. Trend analysis allows for easy identification of problem areas that need attention.

Once there is a protection system in place, how can you be sure it has not been compromised? Configuration changes or tank replacements can change the entire protection system. With thousands of production wells in operation, it is difficult to maintain a calendar or a paper trail of inspections. Petro Guardian PM is an intelligent electronic tool whether the site is for drilling, production, disposal, storage, pumping, or gas compression. The tool is activated when the lightning protection and static mitigation system is commissioned for a particular site. Applicable triggers for system review are configured and a team of Petro Guardian auditors takes it from there.

With Petro Guardian PM Integration, the production site is fully protected all of the time.