Truck Load Out Protection

Protecting Tank Batteries from Static-Induced Fires

The difference in potential between a truck operator’s fill hose and the tank battery fill pipe can result in a static spark in a vulnerable location. Every year, truck fires and even tank fires occur because of improper static bonding during load out. The static protection standard NFPA 77, requires there to be a visible grounding station available wherever a static grounding connection will be made. Truck operators usually have their own static bonding clamp, however, the hardware is often damaged and doesn’t function properly. Some truck operators do not know where to make the grounding attachment, occasionally connecting to non-grounded or isolated grounds.

Petro Guardian provides the materials and devices to correctly prepare a truck load out station for static bonding of mobile equipment. First, a durable clamp that is tailored to meet the requirements of each operator creates a secure point of contact. The clamp is connected to the bonding station with a 20-foot copper lead and a shorter length of steel aircraft cable. The station is clearly marked with visible signage and the entire assembly is grounded and bonded to a ground rod directly below.

In the event that an operator forgets to remove the clamp after load out, the aircraft cable will snap tight and release the clamp from the vehicle. Liability and mishaps are greatly reduced by have clear signs indicating that the facility operator has a dedicated, compliant static and grounding connection.

Truck Load Out Protection is only one part of the solution to avoid lightning and static induced tank fires. Contact Petro Guardian for more information about the other four parts to protect production and SWD tank batteries: direct strike protection, indirect strike protection, static protection, grounding and bonding.

Static Protection for Oil & Gas Assets

  • Static grounding and bonding equipment rating verification
  • API RP2003 and NFPA 77 compliance study
  • Design and supply of fiberglass tank-in-tank static control systems
  • Design and supply of truck load-out static control systems
  • Design and supply of thief hatch static control systems
  • Design and supply of flowback static control systems
  • Design and supply of fracking static control systems